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Le 15 décembre à 21h

Le Molotov
Le Molotov


Le Molotov
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Le 15 déc. 2019
  • Dimanche - 21h00

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  • A partir de 8,00 €
  • Prix Min : 8,00 € / Prix Max : 10,00 €

Entrée : 10 EURPrévente : 8 EUR

Où ?
Le Molotov

Belgrado has become one of the forerunners of the scene – and for good reason. Obraz is heavily influenced by pure 80s guitar-based post-punk as we’ve come to expect from Belgrado, with Patrycja Proniewska’s vocals reminiscent of some of our favorite girl-fronted bands, such as Anja Huwe from X-Mal Deutschland.

Obraz is a deconstruction of reality to its basic forms and most primitive elements. The starting point after maximum destruction.

A reconstruction towards a new reality. The world of images and a thousand spectacles, fragmented, dismantled and reassembled. Dynamism, rhythm, energy and movement. Creative sense over technique. Reality is a construction that we ourselves create.

[source Le Molotov]

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