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Le 2 novembre à 21h

Le Molotov
Le Molotov

Surfer Joe

Le Molotov
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Le 2 nov. 2019
  • Samedi - 21h00

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Le Molotov

Surfer Joe is truly one of the key figures in modern surf music as well as one of the top touring artists for the genre. Participating to any world surf music event as artist or organizer, Surfer Joe has collected an experience of thousands of concerts since the late 90s. Constantly on tour worldwide, he had the honor to play on guitar or drums with several surf legends and to share the stage with many surf bands.

The music of Surfer Joe
Reverb, high rhythms and great energy! It is a concert that looks back to the origins of the genre, but shows its evolution and variety, going from the heavy Dick Dale sound to lounge and progressive atmospheres, always keeping an eye on the melody and the quality of the arrangements.

[source Le Molotov]

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